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Name of SchemeAssam Orunodoi Scheme
Launched On2nd October 2020
AmountRs.1250/- Per Month
Launched ByGovernment of Assam
CategoryAssam Government Schemes
Implemented ByFinance Department of Assam
No of Beneficiaries19,32,904 Households
ObjectiveTo provide financial help to poor people
Orunodoi 2.0

Assam Orunodoi 2.0 Details

Assam Orunodoi Scheme
Assam Orunodoi Scheme

The Assam Government initiated the Assam Orunodoi Scheme to empower women. This innovative scheme was launched on October 2nd, 2020, to provide crucial financial assistance through Direct Benefit Transfer to more than 24 lakh economically disadvantaged households in the state. With a strong emphasis on empowering women, the ‘Orunodoi 2.0’ initiative has set its sights on reaching 19.10 lakh families and enhancing the monthly benefit from Rs. 830 to Rs. 1250. Beneficiaries have been able to start availing the benefits of this program since October 2020, with transfers being made on the first day of each month.

The selection of beneficiaries for the Assam Orunodoi Scheme is meticulously carried out under the guidance of the District Level Monitoring Committee. This committee plays a crucial role in ensuring strict adherence to the established guidelines during the preparation of the list of eligible beneficiaries.

The initial screening, which is a pivotal step in this process, takes place at the level of Gram Panchayat (GP), Village Council Development Committee (VCDC), or Urban Local Body (ULB). During this stage, the eligibility criteria are meticulously applied to assess and determine which households qualify for the scheme.

To guarantee the accuracy of beneficiary selection, an ‘Eligibility/Ineligibility’ checklist has been attached as Annexure A. This checklist serves as a comprehensive tool for the thorough evaluation of each proposed beneficiary household. It’s important to emphasize that this single checklist should be prepared for each household, ensuring consistency and precision in the selection process. This measure reinforces the commitment to transparency and fairness in identifying the rightful recipients of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme benefits.

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Scope of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme

The scope of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme encompasses multi-faceted financial support aimed at addressing essential needs, with a specific focus on health and nutrition. Under this scheme, the Assam Government provides monthly financial assistance to eligible beneficiaries, offering a comprehensive support package to beneficiary families.

The financial support is structured as follows:

MedicinesEach beneficiary family receives Rs. 400 to help cover the costs of necessary medications, ensuring that health needs are met.
Pulses SubsidyThe scheme offers a 50% subsidy on the procurement of 4 kilograms of pulses, providing Rs. 200 as support for essential dietary requirements.
Sugar SubsidyBeneficiaries benefit from a 50% subsidy on the purchase of 4 kilograms of sugar, amounting to Rs. 80 in assistance.
Fruits and VegetablesThe scheme provides Rs. 150 to each beneficiary family for purchasing essential fruits and vegetables, contributing to a balanced and nutritious diet.
Assam Orunodoi Scheme

These components together form a consolidated financial support system, amounting to Rs. 830 per month for each beneficiary family. This comprehensive approach underscores the government’s commitment to addressing the health and nutritional needs of the beneficiary families, fostering well-being and providing crucial assistance to those in need. The Assam Orunodoi Scheme scope extends beyond mere financial aid, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of the beneficiaries, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more nourished population.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme Eligibility

The Orunodoi Scheme in Assam targets specific priority groups, as officially outlined by authorities. These prioritized groups are as follows:

Priority GroupDescription
Families with WidowsPriority for families led by widows, recognizing their unique challenges.
Unmarried WomenIncluding unmarried women who may face financial vulnerability.
Families with a Divorced WomanRecognizing economic difficulties faced by families with a divorced woman.
Families with a Person with DisabilityProviding support to families with a member having a disability.
Poor Families without Ration CardsAssisting poor families without ration cards for free rice.
Poor Families with NFSS CardsPrioritizing families holding NFSS (Non-Food Security Scheme) cards.
Families Owning Two/Three-WheelersSupporting families with two-wheelers, three-wheelers, or tractors through self-help groups, promoting economic upliftment.
Orunodoi Scheme Eligibility

By prioritizing these specific groups, the Orunodoi 2.0 Scheme in Assam aims to direct its assistance to those who are more vulnerable due to various circumstances, ensuring that the support reaches those who need it the most. This focused approach reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the needs of these priority categories and promoting a more inclusive and supportive society.

Assam Orunodoi Scheme Beneficiary List 2024

The Assam Government has published the beneficiary list for the Assam Orunodoi Scheme, and those who have been chosen will receive funds through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) directly into the bank account of the nominated woman within the family. Applicants can check the district-wise list of beneficiaries provided below to determine if they have been selected to benefit from the scheme.

Orunodoi Scheme Beneficiary List

How to Apply for Assam Orunodoi Scheme

The application process for the Assam Orunodoi Scheme is conducted offline, and it involves several straightforward steps. Follow the instructions below to complete your application:

Obtain the application form from your respective Gaon Panchayat.
Carefully fill out the application form in its entirety.
Submit the completed application form at the Gaon Panchayat.
The Ward Member of your village will assist with the application process.
Provide the following documents: Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, and Bank Passbook.
Additional relevant documents may be required in certain cases.
Please note that the scheme does not currently offer an online application process.
After successfully submitting your application, the verification process will commence.
Benefits under the scheme will only be granted upon thorough verification of the application.
Apply for Orunodoi Scheme

By following these steps, you can complete your application for the Assam Orunodoi 2.0 Scheme. Be sure to provide all the necessary documents and cooperate with the local authorities for a smooth application process. The scheme’s benefits will be provided once the application has been meticulously verified.

Documents Required for Orunodoi Scheme Application

To successfully apply for the Assam Orunodoi Scheme, ensure you have the following documents readily available:

Aadhaar CardIdentity and address verification.
PAN CardFinancial verification.
Domicile of AssamProof of residency in Assam.
Bank AccountFacilitate direct fund transfers.
Bank PassbookVerify bank account details.
2 PhotosPassport-sized photos for identification.
Mobile NumberEssential for communication.
Ration CardProof of economic status.
Income CertificateAssesses eligibility based on income.
Self-declaration FormAdditional information for the application.
Identity CardFor identification purposes.
Voter ID CardProof of voter registration.
Age ProofConfirms eligibility based on age.

Collecting and presenting these documents ensures a smooth and accurate application process for the Assam Orunodoi Scheme. Each document serves a specific purpose in assessing your eligibility and facilitating necessary communications.

How to Check Orunodoi Payment Status

Beneficiaries of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme can easily monitor the status of their payments through the following steps:

Visit the official website of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme.
Locate the section for checking payment status.
Enter your 7-digit beneficiary number in the provided field.
Access the dedicated webpage displaying payment status.
Refer to the attached illustration for clearer understanding.
Scroll down and check the “Important Link” section.
Click on the “Orunodoi Payment Status” link within this section.
A new tab will open with the official web portal for payment status verification.
Complete the form on the portal.
Enter your beneficiary number accurately in the form.
Click the “Search” button to initiate the status check.
If you don’t have your beneficiary number, use the provided link to search for it.
After successful entry, view your comprehensive details, including payment status.

Following these structured steps, beneficiaries can conveniently stay updated on the status of their Assam Orunodoi Scheme payments, ensuring a smooth process for accessing the financial assistance provided by the scheme.

Important Links for Orunodoi Assam

To access various aspects of the Assam Orunodoi Scheme, use the following links:

Link DescriptionLink
Download Application FormClick Here
Orunodoi Payment StatusClick Here
Raise A ComplaintClick Here
Download Official NotificationClick Here
Visit Official WebsiteClick Here

FAQs on the Assam Orunodoi Scheme

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about the Assam Orunodoi Scheme

What is the Assam Orunodoi Scheme?

The Assam Orunodoi Scheme is a government program in Assam that provides financial assistance to eligible families for medical and nutritional support.

Who is eligible for the Orunodoi Scheme?

Priority beneficiaries include widows, unmarried women, families with a divyang member, families with a divorcee woman, poor families without ration cards for free rice, poor families with NFSS cards, and families owning two or three-wheelers and tractors under self-help groups.

How to apply for the Orunodoi Scheme?

Applications can only be submitted offline at the respective Gaon Panchayat. Fill out the application form with required documents such as Voter ID, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, and Bank Passbook.

Is there an online application process for the Orunodoi Scheme?

No, there is no online application process available for this scheme at present.

How to check the payment status of the Orunodoi Scheme?

Beneficiaries can check their payment status by entering their 7-digit beneficiary number on the official portal.

Who will receive the funds under the Orunodoi Scheme?

The funds will be transferred to the bank account of the nominated woman in the family through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) mode.

Is there any age limit for the beneficiaries in the Orunodoi Scheme?

No information about the age limit is provided in the official statement. It is advised to check with the concerned authorities for more details.

Disclaimer: AssamJobClub.Com is not affiliated with the Assam Orunodoi Scheme or the Government of Assam. The information provided on this platform is for reference purposes only. Beneficiaries are strongly advised to visit the official website ( for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the scheme.

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